About the g4e Awareness Campaign

The Awareness Campaign is a global campaign around one single statement:

Awareness, the success factor ¿

The Awareness Campaign gives room to bring this statement into the world – from different perspectives. Like this, we bring a new form of intelligence into the world: the intelligence of awareness.

What does that look like? During nine months we daily upload a 60sec-video statement to different social media channels. Nine months full of exiting perspectives! In those videos personalities from all over the world share their perspectives concerning two questions (either in English or their mother tongue):


What does awareness mean to you?

How is awareness your success factor?


Like this, experiences are shared worldwide and impulses are given and received. We are looking forward to the video-statements! Go for Evolution – global, manifold, free!

By the way: Like to watch the story behind the story ... 

Awareness Campaign -what is it about ?